Dear Komodos Family,

Happy New Year! Happy 2021!

2021 brings new hopes and dreams. We will have rugby this year. I dream of happy new experiences and memories on the field for all Komodos.

You all wish to know when we will start rugby practice for the Junior Komodos again. We are not sure yet, as the number of Covid infections continues to rise in the bigger Jakarta area and these numbers are much higher now than when we last practiced in September 2019. We are hopeful that the Government’s vaccination program will start soon and that infection numbers will start falling. Realistically, I do not think it would be safe enough to start practice in early 2021. I put the likely target date in July 2021. This might be wrong and we could start sooner once we know more. Our committee will continue to observe what schools do and will consider to open when schools open. If any Komodo has any other view on this, please share with us. I just believe we will have rugby in 2021 and that there will be something big and exciting later this year.

Such an exciting event could be the biggest ruby festival for kids ever in Indonesia. Our Komodo kids deserve the very best experience we can give them once it is safe to start. We will invite other teams, sleep over at Jagorawi, play many matches, BBQ and have rugby fun for the whole family. There is a reasonable chance that we can organise this in September or October.

We should be ready for that. Please work on your fitness at home. Stay healthy, stay safe.

Johannes Spies
Jakarta Komodos Rugby Football Club Chairman of Junior Section