[lead]Close to 200 children and young adults kicked off the beginning of the Jakarta Komodos Rugby Football Club’s junior season at the Jagorawi Golf & Country Club on Saturday (Sept. 5, 2015) with a Welcome BBQ featuring a number of fun activities, rugby matches and some top-class sausages and refreshments.[/lead]

Jess Djamhoer, who heads up the Komodos’ junior rugby programme, said the large turnout was a success for the club given the recent departure of a number of expatriate families from Jakarta. “We’ve lost a few players but we’ve attracted many new faces to the club also,” she said. “We’re all looking ahead to the rest of the season with tournaments already planned for Jakarta, Singapore and Thailand.”

The Komodos have more than 100 registered players, ranging in age from the experienced veterans, to the respected senior side and then down through the age groups, including the Under 18s and 16s, Under 14s and 12s, Under 10s and 9s, and Under 8s and 7s. The club also actively encourages and promotes rugby in Indonesia, and has developed a young women’s team comprising players from the Mama Sayang Orphanage, as well as a team of children from the community near where the Komodos practise each Saturday.

Under 8s and 7s assistant coach Cameron Bates said he was pleased to see key core players returning who would be able to pass on their experience and passion for the game of rugby to their younger team mates who were playing for the first time.

“We would like to be competitive with the overseas sides we are coming up against this season, but that is not the main consideration here,” Cameron said. “It’s about participation: having a crack; getting involved and playing the game. And it’s a very social game. Look at how many parents are out here today. They wouldn’t be here if they didn’t enjoy it as much as the kids.”

Aaron Meadows, coach of the Mama Sayang-based women’s side, said his players had been eagerly awaiting the commencement of the new season and hoped to continue to build on the team’s potential. “These young woman, every single one of them here today, love the opportunity to play rugby and get right into the physical nature of the game.”

Johannes Spies, who coaches the Under 10s and 9s, said that in addition to the Saturday training sessions, the Komodos were committed to securing as many competitive matches as was possible during the season, so the players could put their skills into action on the field.

Jess also wished to thank the Komodos’ sponsors, saying that without the support of Danone, Sports Turf Solutions. Beca, HSBC, JLL, G4S and Kontrol Indo Jaya, the new season would not have been possible. “We are also looking to fill a couple of available sponsorship positions for the year, so if anybody wants to get involved with a great club, a great game and a great bunch of kids, now’s the perfect opportunity.”

For further information about the club and how to get involved please contact us via our email form or call 081291388005.