Jakarta Komodos Rugby Club Senior Awards Ceremony Winners

After a thrilling Grand Final, the Jakarta Komodos Rugby Club Seniors got together to celebrate and present team awards. There were huge efforts all year from a number of players, as well as parents and non-players, who all deserve to be recognized. Six of these awards are named after Komodos who tragically lost their lives in the 2002 Bali terrorist attacks. Club veteran Guy Markham spoke briefly about the men before the presentation of their awards. We thank him for his comments.

Scott Lysaght Award for Player’s Player of the Year
Winner: Pierre Tastet
Pierre showed commitment at training throughout the season, helping to encourage numbers and despite injury later on continuing to appear and contribute his considerable knowledge to the training program. Dedicated to Scott.

Jamie Wellington Award for Forward of the Year
Winner: Daniel Nugroho
The captain of Indonesia’s national had another unsurprisingly brilliant year. He was a force to be reckoned with every time he got his hands on the ball, and his overall play was characteristically superb. Dedicated to Jamie.

Robert Thwaites Award for Back of the Year
Winner: Risto Peltomaki
This Finnish Iceman was crucial to the Komodo Seniors’ success this season. His excellent place-kicking adding a formidable weapon to the team’s arsenal, and would prove a difference-maker in the Grand Final. His finest hour came with an incredible six from six in the pre-season against Bali Rugby Club, including several from the sidelines. Dedicated to Robert.

Nathan Swain Award for Mongrel of the Year
Winner: Peter Santarossa
Peter’s fierce commitment to the team and the competition was an inspiration to his peers through the season. A veteran to the game, he brought with him a wealth of experience and knowledge the team would benefit from hugely. Dedicated to Nathan.

Benny Roberts Captain’s Player of the Year
Winner: Zac Smith
The Australian Navy lad played with verve all year, shutting down the opposing half-backs and delivering pinpoint passes with perfect timing. His instinctive runs upfield created a threat opponents would struggle with. Dedicated to Benny.

Merv Popadynec Award for Top Try Scorer
Winner: Dominic Wong
This young man matured hugely as a player this year, turning into indisputable the best center in the country. He could run the pitch with speed, technique and power. Opponents would devote three or more players to bringing him down, often with little effect. His ability to create gaps was formidable, and an asset that will continue to improve.

Iron Man Award for Most Games
Winner: Guy Markham
This club giant had an incredible year on and off the ball, in training and on the pitch. At hooker, he played with a tenacity that belies his age and showed an enviable commitment to the club. His toughness and desire to play led to this award.

Club Man of the Year
Winner: Chris Chipman
Chips, as he is fondly known, was excellent at number 8 while on the pitch, but this award is for his work off it. Forced to sit out for months with a serious rib injury, he came to as many training sessions as he could, joing in where possible and always helping out with drills.

Dan McNally Award for Most Improved Player
Winner: Robin Goby
This French American Football convert came into rugby with no experience of the sport but an intense physical presence. In the Grand Final, his consistency under the ball and behind the front row (to which this writer can personally attest) was a worthy product of months of hard work learning the game. The award is named after an American ex-Komodo who now lives with his family in Bangkok.

Congratulations to all the winners!
Blaise Hope
Chairman, JKRFC