Jakarta Komodos Rugby Club Release Video of 2016 Crown Jakarta 10s Tournament in Indonesia

The latest video capturing more action on and off the field at the 2016 Crown Jakarta 10s rugby tournament on May 7 has been released by Jakarta Komodos Rugby Club (JKRC) senior stalwart and Indonesian national team captain Daniel Nugroho and DNArtworks.

Jess Djamhoer, chairman of JKRC Junior Rugby said the tournament was a huge success, given the opening of the event to junior and women’s rugby for the first time. “This is the first-ever Jakarta 10s that has the junior tournament as well, which is absolutely fantastic. We’ve had an Under-8s mini-tournament. We’ve had the Under-10s, Under-12s and Under-14s tournaments going on here alongside the seniors, as well as a lot of women’s teams that have come out to play against the Jakarta Komodos Women.”

JKRC Senior Chairman Blaise Hope said the annual rugby tournament had a long and happy history, which had been bolstered by the inclusion of the junior and women’s sides. “And it’s just awesome to get the kind of day that we’ve got today. It’s always just been the men’s competition but to be able to expand there’s been so much hard work by the parents, especially by the parents, setting up junior leagues, competitions, training people down on Saturdays, that’s borne fruit this year into the first-ever juniors’ competition.”

Blaise thanked all involved, including the Mama Sayang orphanage and the Priscilla Hall Foundation for their involvement in developing women’s rugby, and the Vets sides competing in just the second year of competition at the 2016 Crown Jakarta 10s.

“These are the people who have been instrumental – both Indonesians and expats – in setting up Indonesian rugby in the first place and growing it over the years,” Blaise said. “And so here today you see the full gamut of Indonesian rugby. You’ve got the people who set it up back in the day and you’ve got these young teams, university teams with local talent, development sides from outside Jakarta and there’s even more that couldn’t make it today so there’s so much potential to grow and it shows what the future’s like.”

The Komodos also thanked the Indonesian Rugby Union (PRUI) and the club’s sponsors that are listed at the bottom of the page.

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