Jakarta Komodos Rugby Club to Kick Off New Season Against ‘Bitter Cross-Town Rivals’

The Jakarta Komodos Rugby Club Senior XV’s first game of the 2016 season will be one of its most important – a clash against its bitter cross-town rivals, the Jakarta Bantengs. The result is impossible to call, with many new faces on two sides that are better trained and better prepared than ever before. The result is anyone’s guess (Komodos obviously).

The Komodos have won eight straight titles coming into this season, but adding a ninth star will be no easy feat.

In the 2015 season, the Komodos lost a physical match on a dusty pitch in Bandung, as the year’s epic drought drew blood from every player’s skin. The match summarized a tough year for the Komodos, with huge losses in its starting line-up as the expat community was decimated by the oil and gas slowdown, the drop in commodities and an overall gloomy outlook on Indonesia. Training numbers fell to below five (by comparison, in 2016 they have surpassed 30).

Then came an astonishing comeback win against the Bantengs at home in Jakarta. The Bantengs immediately ran in, going up 13-0 and holding that to half-time. They would not score again. The Komodos dug deep pulling ahead bit by bit before getting to 20-13. A final, tense period of exhaustive defense against Banteng attacks from a backline featuring Indonesian National team starters – meant victory, and roars from the muddy ground.

That still would not have been enough, but thanks to the standings system and the results of other matches, the JKRFC took home their eighth crown.

Both sides have seen big upswings in recruitment, meaning they (and other Jakarta sides) will put together a Barbarians development side to take part in this year’s competition.

It will, however, come down to a final this time. And that, is a different ball game.

Full schedule

February 13
Komodos vs Bantengs

February 20
Komodos vs Jakarta State University (UNJ)

March 5
Komodos vs Barbarians

March 12
Komodos vs JJRG

March 19
Komodos vs Bandung

April 2
Komodos vs Bantengs

April 30
Komodos vs UNJ

May 14
Komodos vs Barbarians

May 21 JJRG
Komodos vs

June 4
Third place playoff between teams 3 and 4
Final between teams 1 and 2