Komodos' Memorial

The Komodos Rugby Football Club has experienced more than its fair share of anguish, suffering and loss. For those joining the Komodos over the years since October 12, 2002, the Club's past takes a moment to sink in. Older members, close to the club still, remain reluctant to open up about their experiences.

The black armbands on our Jerseys, the date below our crest are our reminders. Six members of the Komodos Rugby Football Club lost their lives in the Bali bombings by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They were on the resort island to play Rugby – the most inclusive of sports – and were taken from their families and friends by those who wanted only to divide. But the horrific events of October 12 would not be the last time that tragedy would strike at the heart of the club. The 2014/2015 season saw the untimely passing of two club stalwarts. Below is a testimony to our fallen friends, written by those who knew them. May their memories never fade.

Forever Remembered

Merv ‘The Swerv’ Popadynec

Canadian Merv Popadynec was an engineer working for PetroChina as a facility construction manager.

Rob ‘Boy Band’ Thwaites

Rob Thwaites, just 24 when he was taken from us in the Bali bombing.

Jamie Wellington

Jamie was one of the Komodos’ longest serving players, recognised for his skill, approach to the game and his sportsmanship.

Nathan ‘Dingo’ Swain

Another youngster with his life ahead of him, Nathan Swain worked for Swire Shipping as the Owner’s Representative in Indonesia.

Ben ‘Butterball’ Roberts

Ben Roberts was the operations manager for International SOS.

Scott ‘Dosa’ Lysaght

Scott Lysaght, a native Australian, was business development manager for oil and gas at International SOS.

Douwe Sol

He sadly passed away near the Komodo grounds on a training run on Sept. 20, 2014.

Alan Nye

At the age of just 67, long-time club supporter and fitness enthusiast Alan Nye passed away following a short battle with a bacterial infection.